Baruch Hashem, we have been overwhelmed with requests for siddurim from people who are looking to enhance their relationship with Hashem.
Due to the overwhelming response, we are unable to guarantee any more siddurs at this time.
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We would love to be able to continue helping people pray better by giving them this incredible siddur but we need donors to help us with this project.
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The Kavanna Initiative

Our initiative to give people a better understanding of the meaning of the words of prayer. Together with our sponsors, we're giving out thousands of Siddurim, with line by line translation for anyone who's willing to begin davening intently

Prayer | Personal


Prayer is meant to be Personal. Inside the inspired words of the Siddur are gems of
wisdom and guidance that are meant to give you an anchor in faith.
The translated siddur makes that possible

Comfort | Healing

Feel the Light

Prayer is meant to be a tool for comfort in a world that feels often dark and challenging. It's the siddur, perhaps more than any other book, that has been the source of light for the Jewish nation for millennia. That truth is now available for all



May this project be a zichus for the following individuals. May Hashem send them the right shidduch, at the right time, may it be soon!

Tzvi Yakov Ben Sarah | Meir Ben Leah Tziporah | Zecharya Leib Ben Chana | מרדכי מנחם בן שרה הינדה | Psachia Ben Shaindel Rifka | Shmuel Aron Ben Malka Sora | Eliezer Zusia Ben Ruchama Sarah | אליהו חיים בן מאטי | Yechiel Aryeh Ben Esther Chaya | Chaim Mordechai Ben Yutta | Ben Tzion Duvid Ben Bracha | Yisroel Ben Faiga Rochel | Chaim Ben Basha Yehudis | Nusen Shloime Ben | Chaya Esther | Yoel Ben Elisheva | רבקה מלכה בת פייגא גיטל | יוטלא בת פייגא גיטל | מנחם מנדל בן הענדל בריינדל | 'יונה מנחם מענדל בן אסתר חי
משה בן מלכה | Moshë Aron Ben Kaila | Ezriel Zev Ben Kaila | Aron Moshe Ben Chanie | Rachel bas Fayga Sara | Hendel bas Tzipporah Rivka | מנחם מענדל בן הענדל בריינדל | Shamshon Ben adina Devora | Pinchus Mordechi Ben Adina Devora | Joseph Ben Rebecca | יואל בן אסתר | Blima bas Esther | שרה שיינדל בת אסתר פעסל | Chana Bat Sarah | Avraham ben Shoshana | Esther bas Sheyna | Gershon ben Sheyna | Hertzliya Mindel bat Myriam | ציפורה בת שרה | מאיר יקותיאל יהודה בן מלכה שרה | חיה מרים בת מלכה שרה | אביגדור יצחק בן שמעון חנן | יוסף יהונתן נתן נטע בן שמעון חנן | Baila bat Devoirah | Leah Sharone bat Yehudis nechama | Ari Betzalael Ben Nechama Zelda | Achiya Shloima Ben Yael | Sarah adina bat Chava yenta | Adina bat Natalie | Daniella bat Rosa | David Ben Galina | Bracha bas Perel Rivka Chaya Sarah | Yaakov yehoshua Ben chava Leah | Shoshana raizel bas chava Leah | Chaya Rachel bat Ella Riva | Boruch Yaakov ben Esther Ita | Davidah Leah b-s Esther Ita

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